I am a self taught artist from San Diego, California. Drawing, painting, and art projects of all sorts have always been my primary passion in life. Graffiti, comic book, and tattoo art are the art styles I dig the most. But I enjoy all other styles of art and consider myself a versatile artist; adapting to whatever the the task at hand may require.

I started out living the 'starving artist' lifestyle, in other words, humble beginnings. Getting every kind of job that you can imagine from pushin' pencils to buildin' houses has given me a good sense of what I don't want to do for a living. Although I've been drawing since I can remember, I had somewhat of a late start pursuing art as a profession. Through dealing with life's little hurdles, I pushed myself into college and eventually came out with a Associates Degree in Graphic Design. This is all stuff that makes me the adaptable, charasmatic person that I am. I hope that you get a better feel for who I am through viewing this page.

Some of Travis' Footie

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Travis Luckhurst
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