Love your mother Earth!

When we say, "Irie Ride is more than a clothing company. It's a way of life." We mean it. Our lifestyle would not be possible without the awe inspiring gifts of mother nature. Take for example, the inexplicably rare and wonderfully intricate coincidence of events and conditions that produce waves. Think about it...We consider ourselves very lucky to have a planet like Earth and we are doing everything we can to keep her clean and beautiful.

At Irie Ride we have learned there are two ways to get what you want in this world. You can buy it or you can build it. We tend to stick with the latter and in that spirit we have developed the Irie Ride recycling program.

Hangtags from recycled office paper waste

Anyone who has worked in an office knows you basically swim in a sea of paper. Not only was our paper recycling bin constantly overflowing but we were spending tons of money on boring, glossy white paper stock for our hang tags. We called upon our 4th grade arts and crafts training in basic paper making and got to work. We crafted paper molds out of wood and with some help from the California sun we were making paper in no time. Every sheet is unique and made with pride by your friends Irie Ride.