Andy runs the team mangaing over here at Irie Ride and has been a major part since day 1. He has ADHD and never takes his medication. He is fun to skate with and has endless energy. Long car rides and slow m oving people beware! This Bostonian turned San Diegan has been traveling this past year all over visiting other Irie Ride Team Members. Most recently was his trip to the OZ to visit Caleb Martin and RC Mooney who were studying broads on the east coast of Australia this past November.

"Birdman Jr. and J.R pigeons know who they are Niggas gotta pay off Snitches know to see yall If chickens on the radar, I'm at it 'cause I get it on my day off, aint nuttin like getting weighed off Scrape off the plates Shake off the flakes Dad daddy make all the kit kat I gotta lay off the way ya'll hate me like I'm adolf, But ya'll cant see me, Ray Charles I steal whores I'll probably take yours because you peel off and I take off Give me no space whatever I want I takes, whatever I need I bleed and see Bitch nigga don't breathe on the weed I'm fucking with them birds without feeding them seeds that's creed you don't know about it, full clip how I go about it, full body, hard body, I'm like ya'll got it yet " - Lil' Wayne

Andy Lowe
Irie Skate